Thinking About Key Details For Norovirus Prevention

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Disinfectants are antimicrobial substances that are applied to objects and surfaces. These substances are used to destroy any microorganisms that live on the said surfaces or objects. Not every microorganism is removed by these substances. Compared to sterilization, disinfection is less effective. Comparing the two, sterilization is either/both a chemical and physical process that wipes out all living organisms. Disinfectants are also different from antibiotics and antiseptics since these two are applied to the human body or directly to living tissues.

Disinfectants can be classified according to chemical composition. They can be classified as formaldehydes, phenols, oxidizing agents (peroxide), hypochlorites (chlorine), alkali (lye), iodophors (iodine), chlorhexidine (nolvasan), and quaternary ammoniums. Phenols are exceptional against viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Phenols are produced using coal tar. Examples of oxidizing agents include the following: peroxygen systems, paracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and propionic acids. A good example of chlorine compounds are hypochlorites. Iodophors are iodine compounds made from combining elemental iodine. They're good disinfectants but they don't work that well where there are organic materials present.

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